Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedDigital Signage – Choosing the Best Video Distribution Technology
Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedDigital Signage – Choosing the Best Video Distribution Technology

Digital Signage – Choosing the Best Video Distribution Technology

Components of Digital Signage The components needed for a digital signage system include:

An authoring console, equipped with content management software, allowing the definition of content in a variety of playback formats.

A server, to which finished content is uploaded and from where it is distributed to different displays in the network.

A distribution infrastructure, consisting of a data network or fiber optic or CAT5 cable, which broadcasts media from the server to the displays.

Digital signage displays, which can be plasma displays, LCD monitors, CRT monitors, or kiosk stations.

Benefits of Digital Signage
Digital signs have already brought significant benefits to businesses and media vendors alike:

Attention grabbing advertising
A digital sign brings innovation and movement to previously static media locations, and has the power to get customers’ attention, making it a particularly effective form of advertising.

Real-time advertising and information Digital signage allows advertising and information to be updated on the fly from one remote authoring station and broadcast immediately to audiences regardless of location.

Relevant audiences
With digital signage, advertising focuses on the best potential customer: an existing one. Supermarkets have already found that current customers are more likely to purchase products advertised on their digital signs. Cost savings Every time digital signage users change their message or campaign, they save on printing costs and processing time. Profit center opportunities Businesses can create instant profit centers by selling advertising time on their digital signs to customers or suppliers.

Uses of Digital Signage
It is not surprising that, with all the benefits of digital signage, there are so many uses for it worldwide. They include:

Advertising networks
In-store advertising
Interactive kiosks
Tradeshow displays
Corporate identity branding
Electronic menus and lobby displays
Branch office communication
Campus bulletin boards
Community bulletin boards
Arrival and departure schedules Franchise communication systems Emergency announcement systems Corporate communication systems
Back office employee training

Digital Signage Distribution Technology: “What Lies Beneath”
When considering a digital signage project, users usually focus on display types and content management software. For the integrator, however, there is an important component that the user rarely considers: the distribution technology and platform. This infrastructure transmits the digital video and audio from the server to the appropriate displays, and is a key contributor to actual digital signage performance. In addition, as the connecting component for all displays, the distribution technology can be a significant part of the project budget. That’s why choosing the correct distribution technology is vital in ensuring a successful digital signage installation.

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