Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedLearn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships
Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedLearn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships

Learn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships

The traditional sailing ships are one of the main prosperity Chinese symbols. Actually, these objects are the most known symbols after dragons in the Chinese culture. Just like dragons, they can be seen in most Chinese buildings and houses as traditional objects as well as prosperity amulets. They not only symbolize prosperity but also are very auspicious for goal achievements and happiness in general, and can help us attracting such benefits into our homes.

One of the most usual ways these sailing ships are represented is carrying gold coins and gold ingots. Actually, the tradition says they should contain as many richness and wealth symbols as possible, since sailing ships carrying such items symbolize the ship transporting richness into the house or towards the place where they are. Besides, the way by which the sails hold the air and the wind has great symbolism as well. The sails holding the wind symbolize problems being stopped from entering the house, and this way the sailing ship helps those around it keeping problems away from them.

There are specific indications on how and where the sailing ships should be placed. Sailing ships should be inside the house and next to the main door. If it is in your working space, it should also be inside it and right next to the door. Besides, it is important that it is facing inside symbolizing that it carries prosperity into your space. If it is pointing outside, it might produce the opposite effect and send prosperity away.

If the door is at the northwest or west of the building, the sailing ship you choose should be made of metal in order to create harmony for that area. On the other hand, if the door is at the east or southeast, your sailing ship should be made of wood; and if the door is at the northeast or southwest you should place a crystal ship next to it. By following these indications, you would not only be attracting prosperity into the wished space, but also applying feng shui principles and creating balance between the main elements.

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