Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedManoushak Azad’s Dynamic Linear Art
Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedManoushak Azad’s Dynamic Linear Art

Manoushak Azad’s Dynamic Linear Art

Manoushak Azad: A Fusion of Art and Architecture

Manoushak Azad, an Iranian artist, brings a unique perspective to her art, influenced by her background in architecture and interior design. Her work is a harmonious blend of fluid forms and geometricand elements, creating compositions that are both dynamic and thought-provoking.


Artistic Style and Techniques

Azad’s art is characterized by the use of marker and acrylic paint to create busy, swirling compositions. Her lines suggest forms in motion, condensing, inflating, and popping like lava. This dynamic quality is further enhanced by selectively filled sections that offer new points of interest in each piece.

In her more figurative works, Azad’s unique, scrawling mark-making style draws out familiar bodily forms into a series of stylized parts. Even in monochromatic images, her linear forms create significant texture and depth, offset by tactile negative space and more physical subjects.

The Influence of Architecture

Azad’s background in architecture and interior design is evident in her work. The fluid forms that have become a hallmark of her art represent her interest in natural and interpretive subjects. This fusion of art and architecture results in compositions that are both structured and organic, offering a unique visual experience.

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