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Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedMetal Laser Sintering Rapid Prototyping

Metal Laser Sintering Rapid Prototyping

It associates the latest achievements of modern digital technology, CAD / CAM technology, laser processing technology and material science. The technology uses CAD software to design three-dimensional solid model of parts. According to the specific process requirements, it completes the model slicing process in a certain thickness and makes it as a series of two-dimensional level, then the level of information on the two-dimensional data process and add processing parameters, generate NC code input machine, control machine movement at
all levels in order to complete prototyping, until processed consistent with the CAD model or prototype parts. It can automatically and quickly design ideas will be transformed into a certain structure and function prototypes or direct manufacture of parts, which can carry out rapid assessment of product design, modify, in response to market demand, it does not need a lot of demand for traditional tooling methods mold, save cost and shorten the processing manganese powder cycle, to achieve high efficiency, low consumption and intelligent purpose.

Rapid prototyping technology was originally used to make foundry model was developed to manufacture prototype parts, mainly used for model or part of the visual inspection, the key is to ask the exact shape, its mechanical properties is not too high, as required by the use of the molding material liquid photosensitive resin, wax, paper, alternative materials. In recent years, rapid prototyping technology, a new development, has begun to metals, ceramic materials are applied on the preparation, the main goal is to quickly produce to meet the performance of the dense metal parts.

Metal powder sintering technology is currently a hot international field of study, you can automatically quickly directly from 3D CAD models obtained by the shape of complex metal parts or model, its manufacturing methods include selective laser sintering (SLS) and laser cladding manufacturing two techniques.

Selective laser sintering is the use of selective laser sintered powder layer, and to sintering of the solidified layer, layer stack to generate the required shape of the parts. First produced by the CAD part model, and use slicing software to process it, to obtain information on the shape of the cross-section parameters, as two-dimensional scanning of the laser beam path, the beam emitted by the laser control of the computer, according to the geometry of the layer cross-section of the coordinate data to selectively scan the material powder layer, the laser irradiation position in the powder sintered together, a layer of sintering is complete, the next layer of scanning holes and sintered powder, a new layer and the previous layer naturally sintered together, the resulting three-dimensional shape of the parts.

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