Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedThe role of conservation architecture
Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedThe role of conservation architecture

The role of conservation architecture

Architecture of the city plays a vital role in setting the city’s image in front of the entire world. It not only represents the city but it also represents the kind of people staying in these cities. The way the city is described is not always by the people who live there but it is majorly because of the architecture of the city too. Each and every building in a city has its own story in the past, the hard work put in the problems faced and also the events occurred in this particular monument. The buildings that stand in the

city would have gone through each every sorrow and happy moment that the city has faced all these years whether it is a revolution or a celebration or even a war. They just can’t express their feelings like human beings. We should never forget that these buildings stay forever, people come and go but these buildings stand strong .thus it is our responsibility to take care of these buildings with love as they add beauty not only to the city but also to our lives. With the help of the conservative architects these days we are able to see these old building in a proper condition otherwise with the terrible disasters such as earth quakes all this buildings would demolish.

Conservation architecture is a different kind of art and it is just like our history. The architecture of these buildings is just the way it was in the past. There is no difference in it right now. In olden days the old techniques were followed but now when the conservation architecture buildings are made they not only involve the contemporary style but they also put in the efforts of science. The work of the conservative architecture is maintain the historic monument how it is but on the other hand it also makes it strong and it helps to preserve the building forever. The most important thing is that the conservative architecture should have proper knowledge about the monument and not only that he should also know the facts that are involved with the architecture of the building. The architect should have a special attachment for his city only then he would be able to the best to preserve the building with his heart and soul.

The Edinburgh architect should have a lot of passion for his work. Looking at the architecture that is done by Edinburgh, the work shows the talent that they have and it also shows the amount of hard work that they have put in. The work that is done in Edinburgh proves that these architects don’t leave an opportunity to prove themselves. There are a lot of famous projects which ha

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