Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedSelf Hypnosis Is Outdated
Lindenlea HolidaysUncategorizedSelf Hypnosis Is Outdated

Self Hypnosis Is Outdated

I’m sure you will agree that your actions in life are very important! How you have acted and reacted in life, up to now, has determined where you now find yourself. In the most part this applies to your current relationships, health, career and even your financial situation. There are of course exceptions to this rule, as with contracting a disease or illness, but for the most part how you act now affects your overall future.

The actions you have taken in the past have lead you to where you are now. These actions have dictated Michael Emery
Michael J. Emery

the role you now play in life. The actions you are currently taking will dictate the role you play in the future!

Unfortunately, most of your actions are driven by your unconscious beliefs, feelings and thoughts. These unconscious behavioural patterns often go unmissed or unnoticed until the physical manifestation of them becomes apparent. Good examples of this would be emotional over-eating, spending more money than you earn, failure to identify why you constantly enter negative relationships etc.

Through the use of self hypnosis it is possible to identify and remove these negative unconscious behaviours and then replace them with positive habits. Self hypnosis is no longer seen just as relaxation technique or something that people who are dedicated to personal development dabble in.

All forms of hypnotherapy, including self hypnosis, have been found to help reduce stress, treat psychological conditions, reduce pain and even remove certain physical symptoms. Through the use of self hypnosis you can re-program the unconscious, or subconscious, part of your mind for success, health, wealth and even happiness.

How you perceive yourself, your place on the world and your abilities, along with how much you feel you deserve, how much you believe you are entitled to have or capable of achieving, determine what you now have in life! You can utilize the power of self hypnosis to completely change such belief systems and thoughts. You can even use the latest self hypnosis techniques to instantly create new ones.

Traditional therapeutic self hypnosis, although still effective, is outdated. With the work taken by NLP practitioners, like Richard Bandler, and hypnosis techniques improved, by hypnotherapists like Paul McKenna, self hypnosis has entered the 21st Century. Improvements in self hypnosis induction techniques mean you can

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